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Crested Butte
Favor the Kind
Part time

At Favor the Kind, a Crowd Pleaser is a part-time salesperson. We have big expectations for our Crowd Pleasers, as they have the most critical job in the company: to create joy for our customers!

Job responsibilities include:

  • Building relationships with customers
  • Treating customers like guests at a party
  • Finding opportunities to sell product
  • Learning and understanding our product selection
  • Styling looks for customers
  • Helping customers find the perfect gift
  • Upkeeping the store’s visual and cleaning standards
  • Crowd Pleasers can work from 8-29 hours a week. They must be available to work weekend shifts.

An effective Crowd Pleaser:

  • is outgoing and personable
  • possesses a sunny-side up disposition
  • is reliable and responsible
  • is professional and respectful
  • is a quick learner
  • is able to work on their feet for 8 hours
  • has a keen awareness of surroundings
  • is servant hearted and willing to go the extra mile .

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