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Part time

At ROAM Fine Goods, a Crowd Pleaser is a part-time salesperson. We have big expectations for our Crowd Pleasers, as they have the most critical job in the company: to create joy for our customers!

Job responsibilities include:

  1. Building relationships with customers
  2. Treating customers like guests at a party
  3. Finding opportunities to sell product
  4. Learning and understanding our product selection
  5. Styling looks for customers
  6. Helping customers find the perfect gift
  7. Upkeeping the store’s visual and cleaning standards
  8. Crowd Pleasers can work from 8-29 hours a week. They must be available to work 4 weekend shifts per month.

An effective Crowd Pleaser:

  1. is outgoing and personable
  2. possesses a sunny-side up disposition
  3. is reliable and responsible
  4. is professional and respectful
  5. is a quick learner
  6. is able to work on their feet for 8 hours
  7. has a keen awareness of surroundings
  8. is servant hearted and willing to go the extra mile .

TO APPLY: Complete the application below. All interested candidates must also compete this quick survey:

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